Friday, 13 July 2012

Reconditioning a Reliant Scimitar Radiator

Reliant Scimitar Radiator Re-core

 We have been manufacturing the Reliant Scimitar heater matrix for many years now and quite often we will get a radiator in for re-core too.
 The images above show a few basic stages of the process of reconditioning a Reliant Scimitar radiator we had in recently. The original radiator on the left is certainly not the worst example we have had in but unfortunately it was beyond economical repair.
 All of the component parts were taken off the core and can bee seen in the second picture about half way through the clean up process. They will be stripped back to bare metal and have the dents knocked out.
 The new core arrives and the side plates get riveted on before the rest of the radiator is soldered together. A full test and spray gives you the radiator on the right.

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