Friday, 7 September 2012

My Morris Minor Radiator is Blocked

Morris Minor Radiator Blockage

This job was like a reminder of the past as its been a while since the last time we worked on a Morris Minor radiator. Many years ago they used to come in as regularly as a Volkswagen Golf radiator might come in today.
 This particular vehicle was over-heating and the customer suspected a blockage in the radiator. A quick inspection and a few tests confirmed that the core was blocked beyond repair and although the radiator itself looked in quite good condition there was no alternative but to fit a new core.
 The radiator was stripped into its component parts and these were then cleaned back to bare metal. As you can see from the picture the water tubes in the old core were pretty well blocked.
 Once the new core arrived all of the parts were soldered back together and after a final inspection and test the radiator was sprayed black to look as good as new.

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