Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A new lease of life for an Austin Cambridge Radiator

Reconditioning an Austin Cambridge Radiator

Whilst our website has new Austin Mini radiators for general sale to the public, our trade counter still sees plenty of other old Austin radiators in various states of repair.
One of our customers bought this Austin Cambridge radiator in recently saying that it was starting to overheat when the car went over 30mph. The radiator itself looked in pretty good condition compared to a lot that we get to see so we set about doing some tests. There was a minor air leak which would have been easy enough to repair but the flow rate through the radiator was very low. A visual check through the filler and connector pipe confirmed that the radiator was blocked beyond repair as you can see in the picture next to the new core. There was also a lot of loose debris which isn't shown on the picture and that would have made the situation even worse.
The radiator was completely stripped to component parts and these were cleaned back to bare metal for inspection and further repair if necessary. The top tank needed some dents smoothed out and a couple of splits properly repaired but apart from that all of the components were in good condition. The new uprated core arrived and all of the components were soldered back together. The final picture shows the radiator after inspection, testing and spraying.