Thursday, 23 August 2012

American Ford Pick up Radiator recore

Stages for the reconditioning of an American radiator

 Along with the standard Ford radiators we sell online we occasionally get an unusual Ford radiator to recore. This particular one came in recently requiring a little TLC.
 Top left shows the radiator as it arrived looking a little tired and worse for wear. The fins on the rear were beginning to fall apart, the frame was corroded and the internal tubes were blocked. There was no alternative but to fully recondition the radiator so we set to work. The top tank on this radiator was the old fashioned 'bucket header' type which is no longer available to us but a little clever work with the new core solved this problem.
 The top tank was broken down into three pieces, including a top, bottom and central baffle, all of these were fully cleaned back to bare metal. The bottom tank was removed and stripped back to bare metal, as was the frame. All of this was then reassembled onto the new core to be inspected and tested before a final spray.
 The final result can be seen in the bottom picture.

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