Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Maserati radiator recore

Maserati 3200 Radiator Recore

 As well as selling your everyday Astra or BMW radiator Motoradsonline are more than capable of fully reconditioning some pretty unusual radiators.

The pictures above show a breakdown of the work involved in reconditioning a two part radiator for a Maserati 3200.

The top two pictures show the radiator as it arrived with plenty of corrosion and missing fins. This was stripped down into its component parts including tanks, connectors, side plates and frame parts.

All of these parts are shot blasted back to bare metal before the re-assembly process can begin.

Once the new cores arrive the clean tanks are soldered on for the first of three pressure tests. After passing this test the two radiators are joined by rubber hose at the three connectors in the bottom tank to form a single radiator, which is then tested again.

 The frame, sides and bracing bars are then fitted back onto the radiator before a final test, inspection and spray.

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