Thursday, 17 April 2014

Believe it or not you can still get a brand new classic Ford Escort heater matrix

Worldwide sales success for our Ford Escort Mk1 & Mk2 heater matrix

  Much to the delight of several customers in Australia and the USA we can still supply the all metal, copper and brass heater matrix for the classic Mk1 and Mk2 Ford Escorts. These top quality British made aftermarket heaters have been supplied to the public and trade for over 25 years now and enquiries from Europe and the rest of the world keep coming.

   The good old Ford Escort Mk1 heater matrix has been a steady seller for many years and was originally developed in conjunction with enthusiasts. This attention to detail has means that there are no issues with it being a direct replacement and the quality ensures that it will last.

  The history of the Ford Escort Mk2 heater matrix is a different story though. Once again the development was done with the enthusiasts and initial sales were great. Soon though the market was flooded with cheap plastic and aluminium imports at very low prices. These were supplied by the less quality conscious end of the trade and snapped up by owners looking for a bargain. They were cheap for a reason and failed (sometimes catastrophically) more quickly than an all metal version. This message seems to have filtered through to the Escort community and the discerning enthusiast now insists only on the best.

After all, if you were the proud owner of one of these classics would you really want to fit an inferior part to your pride and joy?

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