Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cheap TX1 & TX2 Taxi heater matrix dilemma

Should I buy the cheapest TX1 TX2 Taxi heater matrix I can find?

  We have been selling the British made heater matrix for the front and rear TX1 and TX2 Taxi for several years now and have got to know the market pretty well. Our heaters have always been recognised as top quality and we have never had any problems with fitting, performance or warranty.
  A couple of years ago we noticed a small drop in sales and were informed of  some cheaper heaters being imported and sold on the internet. We have had a look at the 'competition' and were suitably unimpressed by the quality on offer. You can see the main reasons for this if you go to the listings on our TX1 & TX2 Taxi heater matrix page.

  We try very hard to keep our prices as low as possible and get as close as we can considering the gap in quality. We are now however seeing as rise in sales as we begin to replace some of the cheap heaters bought fairly recently!
  So in answer to the question above, the choice is yours but as the old saying goes:

'Buy cheap - Buy twice'


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