Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Toyota Rav4 heater matrix surprise!

The Rav4 heater matrix was here all the time!

 Toyota Rav4 2001-2005

               Toyota Rav4 2005-2013

Like many other manufacturers Toyota have been using the same heater matrix in several different models.

The Toyota Rav4 heater matrix top left has been supplied by us for the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Celica for several years now but it has recently come to our attention that it also fits the Rav4.

 The story is almost the same for the Rav4 heater matrix on the right. This can be found on our website Toyota heater matrix page disguised as an Avensis and a HiLux.

This is great news for us and whilst it must mean great savings for Toyota you can be sure it is not reflected in the price of original equipment. Luckily for our customers it allows us to add new applications to our range at the same time as being able to keep the price really low.

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