Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Best value Range Rover Sport & Landrover Discovery 3 heater matrix

Brand new Range Rover Sport & Land Rover Discovery 3 heater matrix. Fantastic value!                                Land Rover Discovery heater matrix   Range Rover Sport Heater matrix
 We have been asked constantly for the past couple of years for the heater matrix to fit the Range Rover sport and the Discovery 3. It just so happens that the same heater is used for both vehicles but the price of a new one was astronomical, and that was if you could find one at all.
 However we can now offer an aftermarket copper and brass version of the heater made in the UK at a fraction of the cost of the original aluminium unit. This is considered as more robust than the aluminium version and is a direct replacement. You simply remove the pipes from the old unit and fit them to the new one with the clamps and seals provided. If you are wondering whether this heater matrix is for your particular model and how much it will cost, click on the links above to go directly to our website.

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