Tuesday, 24 July 2012

BMW 3 Series Car Radiator

We have now managed to source a top quality BMW 3 Series car radiator. This particular radiator will fit the E46 range including the Compact models. It has the added bonus of also fitting the Z4. The interchangeable breather and blanking plug means that it has the flexibility to fit several models which means in turn that we can keep the price incredibly low

Friday, 13 July 2012

Reconditioning a Reliant Scimitar Radiator

Reliant Scimitar Radiator Re-core

 We have been manufacturing the Reliant Scimitar heater matrix for many years now and quite often we will get a radiator in for re-core too.
 The images above show a few basic stages of the process of reconditioning a Reliant Scimitar radiator we had in recently. The original radiator on the left is certainly not the worst example we have had in but unfortunately it was beyond economical repair.
 All of the component parts were taken off the core and can bee seen in the second picture about half way through the clean up process. They will be stripped back to bare metal and have the dents knocked out.
 The new core arrives and the side plates get riveted on before the rest of the radiator is soldered together. A full test and spray gives you the radiator on the right.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

John Deere Tractor radiator recore

The images to the left show a few basic stages during the re core of a typical John Deere tractor radiator. We have been offering this service for over 30 years now as well as selling new car radiators

The old radiator was leaking beyond repair and judging by the image top left the tubes were so 'furred up' and blocked that it would not have been very efficient either. You only need to look at the top view of the new core to see the difference.

The old rad was stripped down to its component parts as shown and these were then shot blasted back to bare metal.

Once cleaned and checked, all of the parts were soldered back together before testing and inspection.

The finished radiator re core can be seen in the final image.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Ford Ka heater matrix online

The new copper and brass version of the Ford Ka heater matrix is now available. We have been asked to get this heater into our shop by customers concerned that the aluminium units on offer are not going to last. We recommend fitting the copper brass version and this is a very popular heater for two good reasons.
 1. The ford Ka is a popular model.
 2. The original aluminium heaters aren't lasting as long as they should.
The Aluminium version can be found a fraction cheaper but 'Buyer Beware', we are not looking to stock inferior products.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Reconditioning a Lotus Esprit radiator

 To the left you can see a breakdown of the stages involved in the re core of this Lotus Esprit radiator.

 The sorry looking radiator arrives and we dismantle the frame, remove the tanks and shot blast all of the parts back to bare metal.

 The new core is ordered, which in this case is a nice thick 3 row version to replace the old 2 row core.

 One end of the frame is corroded so badly that it needs to be completely replaced with a new one. This kind of job is never a problem as we have an engineering workshop at our disposal for the fabrication of metal work.

Once all of the parts have been cleaned they can be re-assembled to make the nice reconditioned radiator shown at the bottom.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mini Cooper Radiator now available

We have been selling the best Mini heater Matrix for a while now and have been looking for Mini Radiators of the same quality. Finally we have found one that meets all of our quality criteria and is competitively priced aswell. We hope this is the first in our expanding Mini radiator range and will keep this blog updated on our progress.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Heater matrix for Mini One, Cooper and Cooper S. R50 R52 R53

The new heater matrix for the BMW Mini has now been listed. It will fit the The Mini one, Mini Cooper, Cooper S and convertible. This copper and brass version is considered to be stronger than the original and a direct replacement. It can be very costly in labour to replace your heater so you have to ask yourself if it is wise to replace a failed aluminium heater matrix with another aluminium version. I know I wouldn't. This aftermarket copper and brass heater is British made to the highest standards and costs the same or less than an original. Our cutomers so far have been delighted with the new version and the added peace of mind.