Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Toyota Rav4 heater matrix surprise!

The Rav4 heater matrix was here all the time!

 Toyota Rav4 2001-2005

               Toyota Rav4 2005-2013

Like many other manufacturers Toyota have been using the same heater matrix in several different models.

The Toyota Rav4 heater matrix top left has been supplied by us for the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Celica for several years now but it has recently come to our attention that it also fits the Rav4.

 The story is almost the same for the Rav4 heater matrix on the right. This can be found on our website Toyota heater matrix page disguised as an Avensis and a HiLux.

This is great news for us and whilst it must mean great savings for Toyota you can be sure it is not reflected in the price of original equipment. Luckily for our customers it allows us to add new applications to our range at the same time as being able to keep the price really low.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Things are getting hotter with this new Jensen heater matrix.

Be the first to get your hands on the new Jensen Interceptor Mk3 heater matrix

No longer do you have to bypass your old, leaking and inefficient heater matrix or put up with sub-standard repairs or re-cores!

 If you own a Jensen Interceptor Mk3 1971-77 there is now a brand new direct replacement aftermarket heater matrix to fit your beloved car.

 The manufacturers have used an original heater matrix as a pattern to make a small production run of this extremely rare part and managed to keep the price down to an acceptable level. The quality is second to none and you get the peace of mind of the manufacturers warranty.

 Don't worry if you need a heater matrix for an Interceptor that is a different year or model, simply contact us and we can arrange for one to be made to your pattern.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Believe it or not you can still get a brand new classic Ford Escort heater matrix

Worldwide sales success for our Ford Escort Mk1 & Mk2 heater matrix

  Much to the delight of several customers in Australia and the USA we can still supply the all metal, copper and brass heater matrix for the classic Mk1 and Mk2 Ford Escorts. These top quality British made aftermarket heaters have been supplied to the public and trade for over 25 years now and enquiries from Europe and the rest of the world keep coming.

   The good old Ford Escort Mk1 heater matrix has been a steady seller for many years and was originally developed in conjunction with enthusiasts. This attention to detail has means that there are no issues with it being a direct replacement and the quality ensures that it will last.

  The history of the Ford Escort Mk2 heater matrix is a different story though. Once again the development was done with the enthusiasts and initial sales were great. Soon though the market was flooded with cheap plastic and aluminium imports at very low prices. These were supplied by the less quality conscious end of the trade and snapped up by owners looking for a bargain. They were cheap for a reason and failed (sometimes catastrophically) more quickly than an all metal version. This message seems to have filtered through to the Escort community and the discerning enthusiast now insists only on the best.

After all, if you were the proud owner of one of these classics would you really want to fit an inferior part to your pride and joy?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Heater Matrix Catalogue Rapidly Expanding

We want to be the best place to get your heater matrix online.

 Our current online heater matrix sales would suggest that our customers like what they see!

 The price is competitive, the quality is second to none and our staff go all out to give the best customer service possible.

We pride ourselves on only selling the best quality British made units. We are beginning to see a steady shift away from the 'buy a cheap import' mentality as unfortunate customers find that when the 'cheap' heater matrix they bought online fails it cost them a fortune in labour to replace it again

  To make sure our customers can benefit from even more great value are now working as fast as possible to expand the heater matrix section in our online shop.
 Please bear with us as it takes time to make sure our details are correct, our pictures informative and our prices the very best they can be.

 Many websites will advertise using blind and dead end links just to show up on the search engines. How many times have you clicked through just to be told that the part was never available in the first place. We don't want to waste your time, so if our search engine link says Mitsubishi L200 heater matrix then we sell them.

If you prefer to buy your items on eBay we now have a Motoradsonline eBay heater matrix shop

Thursday, 10 April 2014

British Coach and bus heater matrix manufacturer

The new place to buy your coach or bus heater matrix

Thanks to our top quality British coach and bus heater matrix manufacturer our new range of Alexander demisters (one shown above) have been doing really well and we are now in the process of expanding our range.
Close links to the manufacturer mean that we can get the best prices and access to over 30 years worth of expert knowledge. We will soon be adding various demisters, underseat heaters, saloon heaters and cab heaters, all of which will be listed in our heater matrix section.
 We will be able to supply a matrix for all the major names including Beulas, Aurora, Optare, Van Hool, Volvo, Duple, National Bus and the list goes on.
Don't worry that identifying your heater matrix could turn out to be a nightmare due to all of the different chassis makers, body makers and coach fitters using different heaters at different times. Even if your bus or coach is a classic, we will still be able to help. If you get in touch we will either identify your heater matrix and supply one off the shelf or offer to have one made to your pattern at a competitive cost.
If you have a question simply contact us via email or visit out website for more details

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Problems with the Nissan Qashqai heater matrix - and not just the spelling!

Are you looking for a heater matrix for your Nissan Qashqai ?

Look no further

After several requests we are now able to offer the above heater matrix for the Nissan Qashqai. For a while now we have been hearing of problems with the original heater fitted to the Qashqai. My biggest problem is trying to type it without automatically putting a 'u' after the Q, but on a serious note many owners have been suffering leaks and blockages. This copper and brass aftermarket heater matrix manufactured in the UK is a direct replacement offering excellent quality at a very competitive price.
You can find it on the Motoradsonline heater matrix website by clicking the  Qashqai link next to the picture.

Cheap TX1 & TX2 Taxi heater matrix dilemma

Should I buy the cheapest TX1 TX2 Taxi heater matrix I can find?

  We have been selling the British made heater matrix for the front and rear TX1 and TX2 Taxi for several years now and have got to know the market pretty well. Our heaters have always been recognised as top quality and we have never had any problems with fitting, performance or warranty.
  A couple of years ago we noticed a small drop in sales and were informed of  some cheaper heaters being imported and sold on the internet. We have had a look at the 'competition' and were suitably unimpressed by the quality on offer. You can see the main reasons for this if you go to the listings on our TX1 & TX2 Taxi heater matrix page.

  We try very hard to keep our prices as low as possible and get as close as we can considering the gap in quality. We are now however seeing as rise in sales as we begin to replace some of the cheap heaters bought fairly recently!
  So in answer to the question above, the choice is yours but as the old saying goes:

'Buy cheap - Buy twice'


Best value Range Rover Sport & Landrover Discovery 3 heater matrix

Brand new Range Rover Sport & Land Rover Discovery 3 heater matrix. Fantastic value!                                Land Rover Discovery heater matrix   Range Rover Sport Heater matrix
 We have been asked constantly for the past couple of years for the heater matrix to fit the Range Rover sport and the Discovery 3. It just so happens that the same heater is used for both vehicles but the price of a new one was astronomical, and that was if you could find one at all.
 However we can now offer an aftermarket copper and brass version of the heater made in the UK at a fraction of the cost of the original aluminium unit. This is considered as more robust than the aluminium version and is a direct replacement. You simply remove the pipes from the old unit and fit them to the new one with the clamps and seals provided. If you are wondering whether this heater matrix is for your particular model and how much it will cost, click on the links above to go directly to our website.