Thursday, 24 July 2014

Reconditioning a Morgan radiator and uprating the core

The pictures below show the stages involved in uprating this Morgan radiator and giving it a new lease of life

 Here at Motoradsonline it has been a while since we worked on a Morgan radiator, then out of the blue we see two in a very short space of time. The first we saw was a complete rebuild of a customers very poorly built aluminium unit. With the unit as a pattern and some details from the customer we made a brand new unit in copper and brass, our customer left happy. So happy in fact that he recommended us to another Morgan owner who popped in last week.
 The radiator seen above was in reasonable condition but struggling to cool the larger Morgan engine. We had a look at the modern cores available and the thicker, more efficient core seen in the picture was selected. The Old radiator was stripped down to its component parts and cleaned back to bare metal. The parts were then carefully soldered back together before being fully tested and given a coat of paint.
 If your Morgan radiator is looking tired or not working efficiently why not get in touch to see how we can help you. We can also make a new heater matrix to a pattern at a very reasonable price if you are out in the winter and getting cold.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Triumph Stag radiator recore

Another Triumph Stag back on the road with no overheating problems

  This is just one of many Triumph Stag radiators we have reconditioned this year. The old one was typical of many we see with a tired looking core, partial blockage and a corroded steel pipe.
  First job was to strip it down to all of its component parts and clean them back to bare metal. Any dents or splits can be easily treated at this stage.
  The most important part of the rebuild is the core, mainly because the main worry for all Stag owners is overheating. The core we use has been tried and tested by Stag owners and has always performed well.
 The core has three rows of water tubes as opposed to the 4 rows in the original, these tubes being much closer together and the rows staggered to give the maximum cooling. The actual tubes are also larger giving a good flow and less chance of future blockage. The fin pitch is set to give the best airflow to cooling ratio. In all this core is about as efficient as it can be for its size.
 Once soldered back together the radiator gets a thorough test before a visit to the spray shop and being returned to the customer.

We are also able to offer a heater matrix for the Stag and it will be available in our heater matrix section very soon

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

VW Transporter T4 heater matrix - Spot the difference

Why is your competitors T4 heater matrix so cheap?..... Because it doesn't fit!

We have supplied the heater matrix shown bottom left for several years now. Our version is a strong copper and brass direct replacement for the plastic and aluminium original. Over the years we have been told that there are other versions of the heater fitted to some of the later Transporters but have never been able to get hold of one.
 Not until recently that is. We suddenly had several customers in need of a 'slightly different' heater matrix for later models with air conditioning fitted. They were told that the wait for a part would be several weeks at a ridiculous price, so we have now developed a copper and brass version which can be seen top left.
  If you were looking online for a Transporter T4 heater matrix it is likely you would only be able to find cheap and very poor quality imported heaters most of which were designed for left hand drive vehicles and will not fit right hand drive.
 In the rush to get hold of cheap heaters to sell to an unsuspecting public many dealers mistakenly got hold of the left hand drive version and there is now a lot of conflicting information and cross referencing online.

 We can assure you that our heaters are for right hand drive vehicles.