Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Reconditioning an Austin Healey 3000 radiator

Stripping down and rebuilding an Austin Healey radiator.

On arrival at the Motorads trade counter the original Healey 3000 radiator shown top left was looking a bit old and tired. It had been reconditioned badly in the past and had lost its fan shroud. The owner was looking for a quality re-core as quickly as possible and not a poorly soldered job like the last one had been.
 The radiator was stripped to its component parts and cleaned back to bare metal as shown, before being inspected and having dents and splits repaired. Once the new core had arrived it was all carefully put back together using top grade solder. A new fan shroud was fitted and the original pressed labels were carefully replaced to give it an authentic look. The combination of high gloss paint and my poor photography doesn't show the finished radiator in its best light but I can assure you that the customer was delighted.
 We are now able to offer an Austin Healey heater matrix which will soon be listed on our Motoradsonline website and shown off on this blog