Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Subaru Impreza Heater Matrix Identification

 Subaru Impreza heater matrix identification is something that we have found difficult at Motoradsonline. To the left you can see a few of the heaters on sale on our Impreza page on the Motoradsonline website. If you read the information on the individual listings you can see that many of the model applications seem to overlap.
  It seems that the Impreza has had many different models, facelifts and limited editions, along with an array of imported versions. This has meant that as soon as we think that we have positively identified a  particular heater another grey area is shown up and we are back to square one.
  This is a shame because the heaters themselves are top quality and fantastic value for money. We have to rely on past sales, helpful enthusiasts and customer identification to improve our database and provide a better service.
 If there are any enthusiasts out there who think they can help with this database we would be very grateful, please leave a comment or contact us on

If you have a Subaru Impreza and cant source a heater matrix anywhere contact us and we will help. We can make heaters to a pattern at a fraction of Subaru prices