Tuesday, 10 June 2014

New Jaguar heater matrix - X Type marks the spot

Heater matrix to fit the Jaguar XJ (X300) XJ8 XJR (X308) XK8 XKR

Motoradsonline have been selling several different classic Jaguar matrixes for over 20 years but Jaguar owners have been telling us recently that finding a heater matrix to fit the Jaguar XJ (X300) XJ8 XJR (X308) XK8 and XKR models is not that easy. When you can finally track one down the price is unbelievably high and delivery lead time can be inconvenient. To this end we have now developed a copper and brass replacement which is robust, efficient and great value for money.

 This heater matrix is available to the public via our Motoradsonline website or through our Motoradsonline eBay shop

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